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Sulphur Dell Ballpark to be Enclosed with Retractable Roof

General Manager Skim Newcomb announced this morning that Sulphur Dell will undergo new construction at the end of the season that will transform the facility from an open-air ballpark to one with a roof. The project will take approximately five months to complete.

“This upgrade has been discussed for the past 70 years, and the board of directors of Sulphur Dell have decided it is time to proceed. Enclosing the grandstands and field with a permanent structure will allow us to add more dates to our entertainment calendar,” said Newcomb. “We want our fans to experience baseball and other events without the worry of potential rain-outs or other weather-related issues.”

GM Skim Newcomb at Sulphur Dell

Roads surrounding the area will be closed for the entire construction period from October until completed. Traffic will be re-routed to ease the disruption for Nashville travelers, but Newcomb feels the detours are a small price to pay.

“Once the project is finished and our fans see the features of new Sulphur Dell, they will forget about the inconvenience of construction,” he said. “The luxury of attending a game in an air-conditioned building as the summer temperatures rise, then being able to view a star-lit sky when it’s not raining – I mean, can you imagine how great that will be?”

Drawings were not made available, but a full rendition of the project should be ready for public viewing by the Fourth of July. However, there will be two roof panels that will open in the middle to a 45-degree angle on either side. It has not been determined whether the structure will open from a north-to-south or east-to-west direction.

“The complete details have not been worked out at this time,” explained Newcomb. “I guess you could say it’s an open-ended discussion with the architect and contractors.”

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Sulphur Dell Ballpark Naming Rights For Sale

In conjunction with today’s Opening Day, the ownership syndicate of Nashville’s famous Sulphur Dell has let it be known it is considering selling naming rights to the old stadium. General Manager Skim Newcomb announced today that a request for proposals has been distributed throughout the city’s inner circles, seeking interest in a commercial partner.


Sulphur Dell’s Naming Rights For Sale

“We have no idea whether a company name would even be appropriate,” Newcomb said. “Our goal is simply to put feelers into the marketplace.

“But it is our goal to add the name of some corporate partner to our façade marquee that calls out the historic aspect of Sulphur Dell.”

The ballpark will be celebrating its 145th anniversary of operation with today’s game that kicks off the 115th Southern Association season.

“This would be a first-of-its-kind agreement, as Sulphur Dell has been operated under its current name for so long.  Sports venues have been selling naming rights through sponsorships for decades and we thought we would test the water,” added Newcomb, who has been at the helm of the group that has owned and operated the ballpark since 1969.

“It could create a revenue stream that would allow us to upgrade the existing concourse, seating, and the entire grandstand to give the fans the best baseball experience possible.”

GM Skim Newcomb prepares for Opening Day at Sulphur Dell

GM Skim Newcomb prepares for Opening Day at Sulphur Dell

Specific financial terms are not immediately known, according to Newcomb.

Over the years Sulphur Dell has been used for baseball and football games, as a venue for circuses and wrestling matches, and many performers have held music concerts there.

Requests for additional information can be made by calling 615-555-0401.

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