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Nashville Ballpark Votes Will Be Historic

The Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County Council will hold a special meeting tonight to consider the approval of a new ballpark for the Nashville Sounds on third and final reading. Tomorrow the Metro Sports Council will meet to do the same.

Both votes seem to be forthcoming with little or no discussion against, and certainly no mounting protest from any neighborhood group or other civic organization.

When the final tallies are in, Nashville government leaders will have finally put a stamp of approval on several things:

Marquee White1.) The current Nashville Sounds ownership

2.) Mayor Karl Dean’s backing to see that a new ballpark is built during his tenure

3.) A return of minor league baseball to the area once known as “Sulphur Dell, Baseball’s Most Historic Park Since 1870.”

4.) New development in an area that has been neglected for over 50 years.

It has been a long, hard road to get to this point. When http://www.suphurdell.com was begun in 2002, no one was talking about a new ballpark for the Nashville Sounds, as Greer Stadium was sufficiently hosting the minor league club. In 11 years, the impetus germinated by the website, merely by calling attention to the history, tradition, and glory of the old ballpark area, began taking hold and had some impact on the thoughts of many.

Today and tomorrow, Nashville baseball fans will be able to celebrate at long last. The only question that remains:

Will the old ballpark lose its history, tradition, and glory?

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