Coming Home to Sulphur Dell

Right_Field_MainI am fortunate to have worked with sports columnist Dave Ammenheuser and staff at the Tennessean on a very special project, “Coming home to Sulphur Dell“. Available in both print and online, this 9-inning (part) series looks at Nashville’s baseball history since the 1860s. I have learned so much from the pros: sports writer Mike Organ, photo journalist John Partipilo, and visual coach Karen Mitchell all made this possible for me to have some part in it.

I am grateful for that. Please take a look at their handiwork by clicking on the link above; it is an amazing project that tells about Nashville’s baseball history; be sure to return each day to view a new chapter.

With the opening of Nashville’s new, long-awaited ballpark for the Sounds, this story is a celebration of those who played, watched, and dreamed at Sulphur Dell and Greer Stadium.

© 2015 by Skip Nipper. All Rights Reserved.

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