Back in the Baseball Saddle (I Just Needed A Cool Drink of Water)

I’m back.

I have taken a few months off to dedicate most of my time to business and family visits (and yes, do a little research), but recent events have given me new thoughts and ideas and I am ready to ride the wide range of baseball again.

People are very nice to me, honoring me with invitations to speak in front of their group or asking me to say a few words about my connection to Nashville history and traditions. I am honored they would contact me, and I hope to do much more of that.

Two things have happened in the past few days that helped “jump start” me: I received a call from high school friend Keel Hunt, asking for a few comments to include in an article he was writing about his special baseball memories.

His inspiration came from a baseball his father had gotten for him, signed by members of the Nashville Vols baseball team. I have admired Keel’s work and when he called I was happy to convey my thoughts. The article was published in The Tennessean this morning and can be read here:

Secondly, I was invited to be keynote speaker at this past Friday’s Baseball in Literature and Culture Conference at MTSU. That is not the important part: Speakers from around the country offered their works to an audience of interested individuals, and I was able to refresh my relationships with authors, professors, students, researchers, and interested fans.

So here we go again. I hope you will have enjoyed previous posts, and I hope I bring subjects of interests to you.

Thank you for hanging in there with, and for, me.

Enjoy the Game!

© 2014 by Skip Nipper. All Rights Reserved.

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One response to “Back in the Baseball Saddle (I Just Needed A Cool Drink of Water)

  1. Morgan Butler

    Congratulations , Skip. It is always a pleasure to hear you speak. Old Timers Baseball is blessed to have you. Play Ball!!

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