Southern Association Baseball Books

The Southern Association Conference was born in Birmingham 11 years ago, the brainchild of Friends of Rickwood board members David Brewer (who also serves as executive director) and Clarence “Skip” Watkins. The early conferences were held at Rickwood Field, the oldest ballpark in existence that continues to host baseball games.

From the beginnings of these “reunion” conferences came an author who did not know he could become an author: me.

Presentations about the teams, players and managers of cities represented in the league were the sparks that brought about book publications. In my case, I was encouraged by Derby Gisclair from New Orleans. He authored Baseball in New Orleans and advised me to contact Arcadia Publishing which was producing an “Images of Baseball” series.

The 11th annual Southern Association conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, March 1st. You are encouraged to attend! More detail is forthcoming; be looking for updates here and at

Should you be interested in learning more about baseball in the south, particularly in the league known as the Southern Association (1901-1961), these are the books published about the history of the cherished league. Click on each one and learn about the author and read a summary of baseball in that city.  You can also order directly from Arcadia by following the link:




Little Rock



New Orleans


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  1. Clarence Watkins

    You should have mentioned that it was you that encouraged Clarence Watkins to write Baseball in Birmingham

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