Changes in Store at Sulphur Dell for 1959

Nashvol_PennantHerschel Greer was the first president of Vols, Inc., a public corporation formed in 1958 to acquire the Nashville baseball club beginning with the 1959 season.

On the morning of Friday, March 27th Greer held an outdoor board meeting in Tampa, Florida, where the club was holding spring training. Presiding with a bat instead of a gavel, Greer announced there were changes in store once the home schedule would begin at Sulphur Dell. Nashville fans would soon find these changes beginning on Opening Day:

  • An organist’s booth would be built next to the press box, and music will be played before games and between innings
  • All seats have been repaired and painted
  • Leaks in the grandstand roof will soon be fixed
  • Concession stands are being refurbished
  • A new concession stand will be built for tobacco, candy and chewing gum
  • All advertising on large signs had been sold
  • Concession prices will be as follows: Soft drinks, 10 cents; wieners, 20 cents; hamburgers (2 oz.) 25 cents; scorecards, 15 cents; premium beer, 35 cents; standard beer, 30 cents; pop corn, 10 cents; peanuts, 1o cents; and lemonade, 15 cents

Greer also said that during the season that “some meetings might be held in the rightfield box seats between doubleheaders.”

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