Non-Baseball at Sulphur Dell

To me Sulphur Dell’s famous history is all about baseball, but I have to admit there were other non-baseball events that occurred.  Wrestling with the Fargo Brothers, singer Jackie Wilson, and even donkey races were held at the ballpark in Nashville.

Dell_Program_Racing1963 was the last year of pro ball but baseball did not actually end until 1964 when a few amateur games played at the old ballpark.

There is no delight for baseball fans that in 1965 country music star Faron Young and Eddie Page purchased Sulphur Dell and rebuilt the infield into a triangle-shaped race track.

Sulphur Dell Speedways had an 11-week run of racing events. Opening night on April 10 drew an attendance of 8,500, but by May 15 only 850 fans showed up. The last race ran on June 10 and the race track was closed.

Below are references to a few other non-baseball happenings, as written to me on and posted on the “I remember…” page:

“I remember going to many games at the ‘Dell’ when I was a child. As a teenager, I went to many Shrine Circuses which were held there. My father was a Shriner and the circus acts were spectacular there. Since it was outside, there were acrobats doing wonderful acts on poles that were 50- to 60-feet high and swaying from one side to another.

“The indoor circus couldn’t hold a candle to the ones held at Sulphur Dell.”

-Joyce M. Faye, Nashville, TN

“I remember the most memorable time I had at Sulphur Dell was probably 1958. A few of my friends and me went to hear Bo Diddley. I wonder if there was ever as much fun and noise in that old park as there was that night!”

-Dillard Adams, Gallatin, TN

It was easy to overlook that a rodeo had been there earlier in the week and all was not yet cleaned up!

-Joe Benedict, Knoxville, TN

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