Nashville Vols Uniforms 1964 – 1977

Often the uniforms of the Nashville ball clubs were similar to the colors of the major league clubs for which the Vols had some affiliation. During the 1940s the Chicago Cubs had ties to Nashville and the Vols wore dark royal blue and scarlet as trim colors. When Nashville was a farm club of the New York Giants in the early 1950s, the uniform colors included black and orange. Many of us remember the Cincinnati Reds years, and the Nashville uniforms of red and white.

In research I have located references to uniform colors for Nashville’s early professional teams:

From 1886 (Nashville’s second year in the Southern League): “Spalding will make the Nashvilles uniforms”

From 1894: “Manager (George) Stallings to let players decide on color of season’s uniforms”

From 1897 (Nashville’s team in the newly-formed Central League): “Blue with Maroon trim”

From 1903: “Grey with Black trimming”

From 1904: “Blue uniforms, Red cap and socks”

I wonder what the uniforms of the Nashville Vols would have looked like had the team  continued? Here are a few drawings of “what if” uniforms for the years 1964 through 1977 when there was no professional baseball in Nashville:


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