My Metro Council Countdown (Three Minutes Is All You Get)

Tonight I had the pleasure of making my voice known before the Metro Nashville/Davidson County Council in support of the proposed Sulphur Dell stadium project.

I took pieces of previous blog posts and crafted them into one of the best works I have ever written. Even while sitting in the public chamber listening to announcements and various bills and citizen comments, I continued to hone what I was going to say.

Knowing that I had no more than 3 minutes before the dreaded “ding” sounded that would alert me that my allotted time was up, I silently timed my speech to fit into the time slot.  I had this.

Problem was, I couldn’t find the ticking clock that one of the previous commentators had counted down during his speech. I read my speech, looked at the Council members, looked at the page again, searched for the clock, and then started all over again.

“Sheesh”, I said to myself when the dinger “dinged”.clock_face

“Thank you” I said aloud mid-sentence, directly to no one in particular. I folded the cover to my I-pad, and quietly sat down.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get a chance to finish because I just didn’t make the point I wanted to make.

But wait. Can’t I do that right here? Of course!  Here goes, from where I left off, right after “Remember, this is where the professional Nashville Vols shared the park with the Nashville Elite Giants and other Negro League teams.”:

“Where youth league, high school, amateur all star games, and major league exhibitions took place.

“And they can again.

“It was where players set records and teams won pennants, and families and friends cheered and cried and laughed and booed.

“When it comes back, those memories will have a place to begin anew, when we can put to final rest those slumbering Sulphur Dell ghosts at last.

“And hopefully, with your approval, what a grand 2015 Opening Day it will be at the new ballpark!

“Thank you.”

(For those who will be speaking to the Metro Council, the countdown is on the wall over the Vice Mayor’s right shoulder, at the bottom of the screen where the bill numbers and votes are shown.)

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