The Spooky Side of Baseball in Nashville

A few days ago I received a “retweet” on my twitter account ( from Michael Thurman (@taovbb_commish) about a @sabr project from the Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Undoubtedly, there a more than a few former baseball players interred there, and from time-to-time those who are interested visit the grave sites of ball players.

Michael suggested that I should organize something like that. He is the commissioner of the inaugural Tennessee Vintage Baseball Association that was founded earlier this year, and whose guidance has produced a successful vintage baseball league with new teams being added for 2014.

His interest in local baseball history helps to keep him abreast of why and how the game was played, not only in the old days but even today.

baseball_graveI’m pretty sure that he meant that I should lead a project about the burial sites of former players here in Nashville and not in Brooklyn. I did need to know, however, what former players were buried in Nashville before hoping that the project is a worthy one and not too weird.

After a little research I have come up with the following list (according to; there are 32 former professional ballplayers buried in Nashville:

Bill McTigue Calvary Cemetery
Charlie Harding Calvary Cemetery
Johnny Gill Calvary Cemetery
Tiny Graham Calvary Cemetery
Hardin Cathey Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery
Ben Harris Mount Olivet Cemetery
Claude Jonnard Mount Olivet Cemetery
George Archie Mount Olivet Cemetery
Johnny Beazley Mount Olivet Cemetery
Johnny Gooch Mount Olivet Cemetery
Slim Embrey Mount Olivet Cemetery
Axel Lindstrom Nashville National Cemetery
Bob Schultz Nashville National Cemetery
Ed Cole Nashville National Cemetery
Vito Tamulis Nashville National Cemetery
Fred Toney Spring Hill Cemetery
Henry Schmidt Spring Hill Cemetery
Mickey Kreitner Spring Hill Cemetery
Ray Hamrick Spring Hill Cemetery
Red Lucas Spring Hill Cemetery
Tom Rogers Spring Hill Cemetery
Tony Jacobs Spring Hill Cemetery
Bill Schwartz Woodlawn Memorial Park
Dick Sisler Woodlawn Memorial Park
Dory Dean Woodlawn Memorial Park
Harley Boss Woodlawn Memorial Park
Jay Partridge Woodlawn Memorial Park
Jim Kirby Woodlawn Memorial Park
Jim Turner Woodlawn Memorial Park
John Mihalic Woodlawn Memorial Park
Kerby Farrell Woodlawn Memorial Park
Slick Castleman Woodlawn Memorial Park

Sadly, the list does not include former Negro League players.  Let me see who else I can add to the list. In the meantime, if you would be interested in following along a special project like this, please email me at and include “Cemetery” in the subject line.

WIth Halloween just ahead of us, it could be a spooky baseball event!

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