“Turned Around” Sulphur Dell

“As quirky as the dimensions of Sulphur Dell were, previous to 1927 the configuration of the ballpark was similar but not quite the same. Hitters faced the southwest and the Tennessee State Capitol, but after the 1926 season the old grandstands were demolished and the playing field was turned around so that the setting sun would not be a problem for batters.

When the new ball park was reconfigured and the grandstands were built, Nashville boasted of having one of the best concrete and steel stadiums in the South. Built in the northwest corner of what was Nashville’s city park, the Tennessee State Capitol loomed behind the stands.

imageThe concrete and steel grandstands were built with a seating capacity of 7,000 but it was increased to 8,500 in 1938.

What else changed? The new dimensions crested a short distance to the right field wall of 262 feet, and with the bowl-shaped playing surface the base of the outfield wall was several feet above (22 1/2 feet down the right field line).

Fred Russell, sports editor of the Nashville Banner, wrote that from the new press box the previous base paths could still be seen.

Some memories are etched in grass, aren’t they?

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