Southern Association Ballparks


Sulphur Dell was known for its short right field line – from home plate to the wall the distance was 262 feet – and the bottom of the wall was 22 1/2 feet above the playing surface. The dimensions of the other ballparks in the Southern Association were not as drastic, nor as well known as Nashville’s quirky ballpark. Each one had its own features, though none so quaint as Sulphur Dell.

In 1941 The Sporting News published the capacity and outfield dimensions of the ballparks in the Southern Association:

Atlanta Crackers, Ponce De Leon (15,200, largest in the league): 340 Right, 420 Center, 318 Left

Birmingham Barons, Rickwood Field (15,000): 334 Right, 485 Center, 411 Left

Chattanooga Lookouts, Engle Stadium (10,000): 327 Right, 485 Center, 358 Left

Knoxville Smokies, Smithson Stadium (5,000, smallest in the league): 331 Right, 447 Center, Left 346

Little Rock Travelers, Travelers Field ( 7,000): 395 Right, 450 Center, 345Left

Memphis Chicks, Russwood Park (11,500): 324 Right, 366 Center, 477 Left

Nashville Volunteers, Sulphur Dell (8,500): 262 Right, 420 Center, 332 Left

New Orleans Pelicans, Heinemann Park (9,500): 292 Right, 485 Center, 297 Left

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