The Asterisk Mentality

Comparisons of baseball greats such as Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds have been ongoing since the beginning of the game.  There are many others: Nolan Ryan to Cy Young, Lou Brock to Maury Wills, Pete Rose to Ty Cobb, Cal Ripken Jr. to Lou Gehrig.

Soon the comparisons may be made between Alex Rodriquez, former Nashville Sounds player Ryan Braun, and Bonds, and in another generation the same comparisons will be made between other players.  Perhaps some other pox such as the steroids issue will be part of future judgments, too.

We fans already wonder what assessment could be drawn had Ken Griffey Jr. not missed much of four seasons due to injuries.  What if Lou Gehrig had not been contracted ALS?  What if there was no designated-hitter rule?  What if there were no allegations about A-Rod’s use of steroids?

Let’s just stamp the milestones down in the annals of baseball history and let great fans decide where ‘unseen asterisks’ are placed in the records of prominent ball players.

We fans do not receive enough credit for our ability to discern our own common sense, anyway; but it truly is what makes baseball great.

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